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“The Las Vegas Rocks Radio Show” interviews live performers and people who manage live venues in Las Vegas. Learn more about your favorite artists and meet new ones with Ron Garrett, Host and Tom Hillery Executive Producer. “The Las Vegas Rocks Radio Show” you will learn all about the personality and style that makes our guests light up a stage in the entertainment capital of the world.

The Las vegas rocks radio show alumni directory here!

The Las Vegas Rocks Radio Show Alumni Directory is here!

When you hire an entertainer, you need to know if they are responsible and professional. See them in a studio interacting LIVE with no rehearsals or scripts to follow! (I call it, “Radio without a net.”)

We have hosted 185 performers, venue operators and entertainment related persons. The Las Vegas Rocks Radio Show Alumni Directory includes the finest artists in the entertainment capital of the world!

(Provided as a service to the entertainment community.  Inclusion is based solely on talent, punctuality and professionalism.)


Tom Hillery, executive producer

Hooray for the spaghetti circuit!

Time to recognize and appreciate the determined professionals who kept their establishments running and the live entertainers performing during the hard times when Nevada faced the highest unemployment rate in American history! (34%) Most of them were Italian themed venues that we affectionately call "The Spaghetti Circuit." The Las Vegas Rocks Radio Show encourages you to think about then for your entertainment and dining plans.

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The Voila AI Artist app turns you into a cartoon #shorts

The Voila AI Artist app turns you into a cartoon #shorts - YouTube

Promote your act and spend your money where it will do the most good.. Learn about the data collected by broadcasters so you can connect with your target audience. The Las Vegas Rocks Radio Show Guide to Advertising Data is focused on radio and tells you the types of data you want to get from any advertising medium.

The Las Vegas Rocks Radio Show

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Bucky heard of the Righteous Brothers


This show is truly unique in the annals of Las Vegas and Mob History. Meyer Lansky II grandson to Meyer Lansky, subject of the movie “Lansky” and Antoinette Giancana, daughter of reputed Chicago Outfit leader Sam Giancana, discuss growing up in the “mob life.”

Frank Pizarro and Dianne Davis

FRANK PIZARRO (fdny 9/11 responder) AND DIANNE DAVIS

Image of Ninon de Vere de Rosa, Teresa Mala


GD program 094 John Lundquist Steve Duunham DS

Steve Dunham, Little Anthony Gourdine
and John Lundquist

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